Porting FreeRTOS to WCH CH32V307, It seems WCH has some serious issue about their RISC-V MCUs...



This non-standard exception handling caused an unexpected result when RTOS is being used. Since the interrupt priority is fixed and interrupts are mixed with exceptions, the M mode ecall exception has higher priority than SysTick interrupt, so the SysTick interrupt won't fire while handing ecall exceptions due to preempt priorities.. However RTOS uses ecall instruction as yield function, so the scheduler mostly runs in M mode ecall exception routine.

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It seems WCH also noticed this issue, however what they did is simply replaced the ecall instruction with a register write to their "PFIC", which pends a software interrupt with lower preemption priority than SysTick...

OK, it seems the vectored ecall handlers are not a problem. Got both vectored and PFIC mode working today.

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